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Algorithms and software for parallel implementation of watershed transformation for image segmentation

A parallel implementation of an existing watershed algorithm has been developed using a single program-multiple data (SPMD) approach. Additional analysis and development of existing and new watershed algorithms, based on a split-and-merge approach, have been conducted under this activity. The resulting parallel watershed segmentation algorithm is based on sequential scanning. It is a fast SPMD algorithm which computes the watershed image by integrating the morphological gradient. The algorithm is well suited for single instruction multiple data (SIMD) computers since no ordered queues are needed. A faster SPMD algorithm has been developed for image segmentation based on rain falling simulation. Good segmentation results are efficiently obtained by computing the steepest slope lines of a topographic surface on a distributed memory computer with message passing communication. The different techniques developed can be implemented in very large scale integration (VLSI). Chips/boards implementing the algorithms may figure in new television sets, video recorder/player, cameras and other imaging devices. Other areas that might benefit from the results developed include medicine, oil exploration and mining, computer vision (particularly fault inspection and on-line tasks).

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