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Contactless interoperable microcontroller based Smart Card System

An interoperable bi-compatible contact/contactless Smart Card System is being developed. The worlds of transport ticketing and other contactless card applications are isolated from the world of banking cards. The needs for interoperability between card applications have created market demand for a secure bi-compatible, contact/contactless card. The project is developing a Smart Card System that combines ISO7816 contact with 'remote coupling' (10 cm distance) contactless operation. The Smart Card itself will be based on a single secure microcontroller chip, the only viable solution for meeting high security standards and optimized user-friendliness under fully automated and highly reliable manufacturing process. The outcome is an industrially and economically viable solution based on sound research and development involving: specification and performance that meet world-wide market needs and standards; research and design of a contactless/contact secure microcontroller chip; research, development and design of a companion terminal interface chip; development of a cost effective Smart Card assembly process; a break-through in low-cost terminal architecture; stable and secure microcode for the contactless functions of the Smart Card and terminal subsystem. The interoperable bi-compatible Smart Card will enable card issuers to provide co-branded solutions for some of the most important card applications to come (transport ticketing, electronic purse and combined schemes).

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