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A 3-dimensional ultrasound system suitable for clinical routine applications

A prototype for real time visualization of 3-dimensional ultrasound data sets is being developed. The data sets acquired on a Voluson 530 3-dimensional ultrasound system are visualized with the 3-dimensional visualization software package adapted to a Parsytec CC Computer . The 3-dimensional ultrasound can be applied to almost all medical application fields (gynaecology and obstetrics, cardiology, radiology). It offers lots of new diagnostic methods such as oblique cuts through the acquired volume data, measurement of volume sizes etc. Since the market of 3-dimensional ultrasound is under a rapid growth not all possible applications can be foreseen yet. The technical key achievement is the speed of 3-dimensional visualization that is possible with that hardware and software combination. The speed of 3-dimensional visualization in already existing systems is much too slow for an application under the conditions of clinical routine. This systems offers enough computing power for an interactive application for the investigation of a patient therefore it will be accepted by doctors and this acceptance will lead to a breakthrough of the 3-dimensional ultrasound technology in medicine.

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