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Technical infrastructure migration

VVAA Groep BV is a Dutch company providing business, advice insurance, and financial products and services for the (para)medical professionals in the Netherlands. In view of reorganizing the company from a functional hierarchical bureaucracy into a client focused and application driven one, all company data needed to be converted from static COBOL sequential files to one (flexible) common Oracle database. Because of the tremendous costs and risks of the operation, they initiated a project called EICO (Evolutionary Implementation of CASE and Oracle) (CASE, computer aided software engineering) to first execute an experiment. Insight information and experience was gained about fundamental critical issues in the migration process such as: software through which data can be converted to one common database and which enables the old as well as the new system to access this database; necessities to transform (the workers of) the information system department from working in an old static environment to a new flexible and dynamic one using modern ways of system development etc, and difficulties encountered in this respect; the question if the new way of system development supports the new way of doing business (ie respond quickly to changing demands of customers). The end result of the experiment and the tested strategy was a success. It was found that that Oracle, CASE, the Oracle development method, and the Quality Management System contributed to a more controlled way of system development with much more interaction and feedback between programmers, designers, analysts, and end users. It is also expected that time and money needed to develop new systems will be reduced by at least 30 % when all participants are used to work within the new environment.

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