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Cargo assembly re-engineering support

In the airline industry, the International Air Transport Association(IATA), has decided to change the conventions for airline code identification and flight number, increasing both fields each by one alphanumeric character. All airline company systems, covering cargo, reservations and others, will have to be adapted for all air carriers. Iberia has planned to change the new formats in the Cargo management system. The system is developed in IBM 370 Assembly code, using TPF as a Transaction Management System. The system is an old application, that uses inconsistent programming techniques and standards. Due to the nature and history of the system, re-engineering and maintenance jobs using traditional techniques are very complex and costly. Because the fields to be modified are accessed in many programs, and a change will affect nearly all of the programs, the task is complex, risky, and difficult to manage. The CARES project consists of a set of tools will help in the daily software maintenance work providing information about the Application. The main results of the CARES project are: an object-oriented model of the IBM 370 Assembly language; an evaluation of adequacy, performance and usability of the available tools in the IBERIA working environment. The set of software tools include a common object-oriented repository, a set of repository population procedure models and tools (comprising a scanning/parsing tool , a set of population functions , a cross reference tool , a coarse grain tool); a set of identification procedure models and tools (comprising a data dictionary object-oriented model, a data dictionary static completion tool, a constant-based identification tool, a call-flow analysis tool, a control-flow procedure analysis, an automatic identification tool, a manual identification tool); a set of modification procedure models and tools (comprising a modification environment specification, a code visualizer, an ECB Memory Map).

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