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The Abstract Syntax Notation Number One (ASN.1) for standardized networking

The Abstract Syntax Notation Number One (ASN.1) has become a very important topic in the major areas of standardized networking. A large number of standards and applications use ASN.1 in order to precisely define all varieties of data to be processed and/or to be transferred via data communication networks. By making use of ASN.1 the developing costs can be reduced significantly. An ASN2CXX tool-set, has been developed which makes the business opportunities of ASN.1 available in C++ environments. The tool-set comprises a compiler and Software Support Libraries. The compiler generates real C++ output through which the encoding and decoding is done faster than by similar products written in the language C. The new Release 2.2 of ASN2CXX supports features from ITU Standard X.680. This enables translating a lot of new protocols such as H.245. The ITU X.690 standard is implemented with the 'Basic Encoding Rules' (BER), the 'Distinguished Encoding Rules' (DER) and the 'Cannonical Encoding Rules' (CER). Within short terms Computec expects to have a full ITU X.680 support and an ASN.1 to JAVA compiler which will be called ASN2JAVA. The ASN2CXX will then be integrated into an open systems interconnection (OSI) stack in order to have a complete environment for developing Network Management Applications.

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