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User Reference Group for the exploitation of new technologies in the energy and power industry

The URGENT project is the User Reference Group for the Exploitation of New Technologies in the energy and power industry, designed to help the information technology (IT) industry produce better software for the energy and power professionals and to improve the processes that define and deliver it. The result is a set of documents, which provide a blueprint detailing the generalized business process architecture for the energy and power industry and the IT required to support these processes.

The results are being utilized by the participating oil companies to improve their current business practices. These companies are implementing some of the key findings in terms of organization, process change and IT developments required to support these changes. The results are also valuable to non-participating oil industries since they provide a basis for analysing their own internal processes and applying some of the findings from the 'To-Be' modelling to improve their current way of working. The blueprint process architecture provides a generic analysis of the energy and power Industry, which can be utilised by academia and IT vendors. Academia can use the results to validate research activities for the industry and IT vendors can use the results to ensure their future IT offerings do support the architecture for the industry. The key technical achievement is the blueprint document with the process architecture and analysis of the key processes in the industry. This, together with the IT requirements provides the business framework for IT vendors to develop the next generation of software for the industry.

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