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Vehicle routing application modelling tool

The Vehicle Routing Applications Modelling Tool (VAMT) is a software system which: models a specific transportation management application, typically, a decision support system for optimized transportation management; automatically configures and generates a bespoke software application based on the defined application model. VAMT eliminates the software bottleneck in the development and modification of bespoke, versatile, effective, and efficient software decision support tools in the area of transportation logistics management. The VAMT target applications cover a wide variety of business areas. Application types may vary from simulators for optimized transportation network configuration at the strategic and tactical planning levels, to decision-support systems for dynamic dispatching of a fleet of vehicles at the operational level. Common denominators are decision support, and optimization. The VAMT user has large flexibility in selecting the appropriate optimization criteria, constraint types, and business rules for a given target application. The automated application generation includes the development of graphical user interfaces, as well as interfaces to geographical information systems (GIS) and legacy systems. The VAMT needs a Vehicle Routing Problem solver such as Dispatcher 1.1 from ILOG. The modelling process and the subsequent automatic system installation VAMT will typically take only a few hours and does not require IT proficiency. Hence, the software bottleneck will be eliminated, both for system development and modification. The VAMT product is targeted at the following market segments developers of software solutions for optimised transportation logistics; software vendors of solutions for optimised transportation logistics; end users of software systems for transportation management; transportation service users (eg manufacturing companies); transportation service providers; transportation logistics management services providers.

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