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Integrated system for handling, inspection and packing of fruits and vegetables

Applications and methods have been developed that improve fruit sorting and packing techniques. Utilizing new robot techniques and computerized process controls, the way sensors are used to verify fruit quality is improved. By checking sugar content, scanning the surface for defects and testing a fruit's firmness, emphasis is put on quality. Hence, the outcome is the production of better fruits that can be sold at higher prices. The full Inspection and Packaging Line improves upon the conventional sizing and packing system, replacing manual classifying with more advanced automatic grading. The Automatic Sample Inspector is a system to evaluate a small percentage of a delivered batch of fruits, before the full batch is packaged. In addition to these two complete system solutions, the different components and sensors can easily be integrated into an existing system. The solutions developed by SHIVA provide fruit sorting and packing plants with a new and better alternative to quality assurance. With pay-back times for components estimated as low as 1 or 2 years, the tools are a viable and preferable alternative to existing methods.

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