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Visage Studio: a 3-dimensional character animation studio

Visage Studio is a complete optical motion capture, performance animation and 3-dimensional character animation studio for facial expressions, directed to broadcast professionals, and to video game developers and multimedia developers.

Visage Studio is based on state of the art Artificial Vision techniques. The system is able to detect and track facial expressions of an actor using a low cost mini-camera housed in a head-mounting device that allows the system to perform in a great variety of conditions. Facilities are provided to store motion capture data in a file for off-line processing or transmit it to a viewer for real time animation sessions. A specially designed helmet contains integrated hardware devices for the following tasks: video acquisition, sound acquisition, lighting, and head positioning. Standard personal computer (PC) hardware is used for video and audio digitalization and image processing. Using markers placed over the face of the actor wearing the helmet, image-processing algorithms are able to perform under flexible lighting conditions. It is not necessary to turn off lights, or to provide special illumination effects in the capture studio. Lighting conditions usually found at offices is sufficient for a successful capture session. Acquired motion data can be used to animate 3-dimensional models (not necessarily anthropomorphic) built by the user, providing real, natural gesture animation for the finished models. A complete set of tools aids the user to achieve final results. A user-friendly human interface allows unskilled users to manage capture sessions. A real time viewer allows the user to visualize moving finished 3-dimensional models. A 3-dimensional -model editor can be used to add or modify kinematic settings on the 3-dimensional models. The system adheres to the emerging VRML 2.0 standard. Drivers for popular commercial tools like 3-dimensional Studio, Alias and SoftImage are also available.

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