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High performance computing for cardiological clinical applications

The project demonstrates to the key industrial players that a new 3-dimensional-modelling method offers significant improvements in the diagnosis of heart disease. The resulting system prototype produces 3-dimensional heart models out of X-ray image sequences that were acquired during an angiocardiographic radioscopy under routine clinical conditions. The technical features of this system are: modelling of a contrast enhanced heart chamber or a coronary vessel from a series of rotational angiocardiographic projections stored on medical compact discs read only memory(CDROM) or as video signal; 3-dimensional visualization of the modelled anatomical structure from an arbitrary point of view; calculation of the blood volume in the heart chamber. The main technical tasks of this project are: porting the already developed 3-dimensional modelling algorithm on to a high performance parallel hardware platform; optimizing the system's performance and usability; demonstrating and validating the capabilities of a complete system under clinical conditions. The result opens new markets for manufactures of X-ray angiographers, upgrading and supplementing their products with this new add-on system and making this acquisition technique the golden standard for diagnosis and treatment planning in cardiology. Currently the prototype is being used by leading cardiologists.

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