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Methodology for information technology quality specification and evaluation

Because of the growing dependency on software, confidence of users in information technology (I) products has become a critical factor in the IT industry. The process oriented approach of quality, applied so far, does not satisfy the quality needs of the user. To overcome this problem a methodology for IT quality specification and evaluation has been developed. The main benefits of the Space Ufo Methodology are the following; it is based on the quality needs of the user and his business process, in a business oriented way; determines the quality needs of a software product in a repeatable way; it can be used to gain consensus between users and suppliers about software product quality. The methodology developed is based on a user oriented view on quality and fitness for use. The structured interviews with users lead to a systematic description of the environment of a software product. This systematic description can be translated into a Quality Profile, (ie. a prioritized set of quality aspects of a software product). Based on the information of this quality profile, in a development environment the developer of the product can select measures. In an evaluation environment an evaluation plan can be drawn on basis of the quality profile. So, in fact the Space Ufo Methodology currently is being used as a medium between customer and developer of software. The customer can talk his own language, business terms, and the developer knows what they mean in terms of quality for a product. The developed methodology provides a system to identify groups of users and their different, and perhaps conflicting, demands for quality.

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