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Darwin: an Internet application for the creation on the World Wide Web for hotel booking

Darwin is an Internet application creating an infrastructure for the set-up of promotional sites and service sites for booking of rooms, reservation and availability handling. It allows users to select criteria for searching through hotels on a variety of methods individually or combined (eg availability on dates, rate, rank-stars, hotel services and facilities and rooms services). It allows for a distributed, centralized or mixed management of information update, order handling, availability update by one or more central agencies and/or individual hotels. Security and privacy of information is taken care of by the most advanced and tested security protocols such as SSL and secure electronic transaction (SET) for credit card transaction. In addition the system allows for easy integration of other payment systems. Public and private institutions with territorial responsibilities and strategies, agencies promoting tourism, associations of hotel keepers, consortia of tourism and commercial operators all could have considerable interest in the Darwin tools in order to boost local tourism and increase the quality of service. Through modular customization Darwin can handle more institutional or more commercial 'flavours'. It has shown great flexibility and capacity under stressful conditions, handling well the 1800 hotels of the Province of Rimini for the Rex project, and being adopted by the Municipality of Bologna, Venice and the Agencies promoting tourism of Padova and Salerno (all Italian).

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