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SERTAS tools and services for significant improvement in animation production

SERTAS tools and services enable a significant improvement of the animation production process. Better tools for different kinds of animation types are developed and services are set up which are oriented towards multimedia production houses, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SME), who could benefit from the use of real-time graphics computers for fast realisation of 2-dimensional animation sequences. The services mentioned concern: real-time animation opportunity at the disposal of the European multimedia industry involved in the production of animation (in two targeted traditional animation domains, cut-out shape animation and comic strip book cartoon animation); real-time 2-dimensional animation specification techniques utilized as a facility service in television (TV) broadcast applications. These services drastically reduce the effort (and hence cost) to be put in the realization of animated sequences in the respective domains. They are, therefore, well-suited especially to animation assignments where the characters and objects are prone to be heavily re-used.

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