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A adaptable shop floor control system for East and Central European companies

SFCS is a shopfloor control system for the manufacturing sector. SFCS has been designed as a low-cost solution that uses a few well-adapted and user-oriented functions, hardware-independent and licence-free software, and re-usable software modules. The system is intended to meet the needs of manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and has been successfully applied to a Polish hydraulics manufacturer.

Industrial production in small and medium sized companies in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries is characterized by low productivity. This is due, among other factors, to a very low degree of automation, missing resources for computer-supported planning, control and monitoring of production, and a paper-based information flow. Since these companies are currently experiencing a technical and organizational restructuring process to meet the new market requirements, an appropriate computer-aided information system should be highly adaptable, reusable and of low cost. A computer-aided information system to support the administrative, planning and operational functions for shopfloor control has been developed. A decentralized information concept, user orientation and adaptability to various degrees of automation support the company's transition process from a hierarchically structured organization to small manufacturing units. A modular software approach and the orientation on software standards ensures the system's capability to be re-used in several companies.

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