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VHDL navigation tools

Three virtual hardware description language (VHDL)-integrated common environment (ICE) navigation tools have been developed that fully integrated into the VHDL-ICE. The VHDL-ICE environment enables VHDL design units to be managed over heterogeneous and distributed computing environments. VHDL-ICE takes care of the dependencies at VHDL design unit and design entity levels. The navigation tools help the VHDL designer to develop and reuse VHDL descriptions corresponding to soft-cores. Using these tools it is possible to navigate through the design unit source code, the design hierarchy structure and the simulation model (statically and dynamically for debugging purposes The market for these tools, or more generally for the VHDL-ICE environment, is design teams involved in developing, maintaining and reusing soft cores. The key technical achievements introduced by these navigation tools is the possibility of offering access to the VHDL soft-cores intermediate information appearing during its processing for simulation purposes. Usually this information is hidden to the end-user and is only available for internal usage of tools such as VHDL simulation tools. The navigation tools offer end-users the possibility of exploiting this information, mainly for the purposes of reusing VHDL soft-cores.

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