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A geographical distributed environment and organization for video-conference

GEO is an innovative communication approach that aids common problems such as isolation of the companies, limited attendance to international conferences or events, narrow-scoped local meetings and the amount of time and stress devoted to the usual travels for meetings. The technical solution makes intensive use of TCP/IP based advanced technologies (both Internet and integrated services digital network, ISDN), including audio/video conferencing, communication, real-time discussion forums, synchronous web navigation and dynamic-world wide web ( WWW) dissemination. In particular the audio/video conferencing tool is characterized by an easy-to-use graphical interface to permit a quickly learning by common computer users and also by user without any computer skills. The methodological solution provide a set of instructions, suggestions, plans to introduce and use this communication mechanism as a common communication tool (like phone, e-mail, fax and real meeting). GEO allows the movement of bytes instead of the movement of people and is very cost effective while guaranteeing a good quality of service. GEO is being matured in an European project and is also successfully used in an high quality solution for showing in real-time to remote customers the tests performed on extremely complex machine tools.

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