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Kids' TV multimedia information network

Kids' TV Net provides data and visual samples of children's television (TV) productions as well as information concerning the trends, innovations and the state of international children's television. It is a multimedia information system of pan-European dimension for the children's TV industry and electronic commerce. It is an innovative tool for the observation of this specific market. The content of the end product consists of information on children's TV programmes, including short video extracts and co-productions released in European countries. Furthermore, a directory of professionals, active in the children's television sector, is included. In addition, information on the existing distribution potential of children's TV programmes as well as academic research and publications on the topic 'Child and Media' is also incorporated. The contribution of the Multimedia Technology Laboratory is the development of the user interface (WWW pages) and the database design.

Particular benefits of KIDS TV Net are: it reinforces the role of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) on the market and places them at a crucially strategic point; it is cost-effective since it minimizes what professionals must spend to get information on the workings of the television industry and their work's promotion; the content is not merely European but trans-cultural of very high importance and value; European content promotion is improved and projects with European content become competitive in the market.; the service promotes the labour market and the mobility of Europe's professionals, since new and talented professionals and producers can search for work, while simultaneously, production companies and TV channels can seek and locate new professionals; the service accustoms professionals to using the system and more generally to using the contemporary information technology; an increase in multimedia information demand and the operation of an electronic market in all market sectors, especially in all sectors of the television market.

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