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Advanced traffic-detection system based on stereoscopic vision

The new traffic-detection system makes use of stereoscopic vision to determine the geometrical and kinetic data of the vehicles moving along the road, in the area observed by the cameras. The traffic data obtained for each vehicle is its speed and dimensions. For a long time, traffic engineers have been looking for alternatives to inductive loops. Any alternative technology should perform at least as well as the loops and if possible add new features like incident detection, fine vehicle classification and transmission of current traffic images over public communication lines, which are an essential part of modern advanced traffic management systems (ATMS). The VICTORIA traffic-detection system offers these features, without the well-known disadvantages of inductive loops. Different views of the motorway area under observation are obtained by two video cameras, installed in an overhead position on the appropriate supporting mechanical structures. The cameras are connected to a local station, which performs a limited stereo analysis of the observed scene through the fusion of the video data received from the cameras and the application of image processing and pattern recognition techniques. From this analysis, specific geometrical and kinetic data of the vehicles at the scene is obtained, and a number of individual and statistical traffic parameters are computed. This data is compressed and transmitted to the supervisor station, where it is gathered and processed. This station makes use of a standard personal computer (PC) to monitor and control the local stations remotely by means of a graphical user interface. The supervisor station displays live images of the traffic under observation, obtained by the system cameras. Statistical and individual traffic data can also be displayed. The display and operation mode of the station can be widely adapted to the operators' needs.

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