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Bodytrack Studio: a complete studio for optical motion capture and character animation

Bodytrack Studio is a complete studio for optical motion capture, performance animation and 3-dimensional character animation complete studio of body movements, aimed at broadcast professionals, and video game, multimedia and VRML developers.

Instead of using fragmented solutions, Bodytrack Studio creates the concept of a studio for the animation of the body, due to the technological collaboration. It offers a whole range of features tailored to entertainment specific needs. Bodytrack Studio integrates a high definition optical system designed to capture human body motion in real time with its own motion capture editor for refinements on capture data and its own editor and real time player to animate 3-dimensional characters. In addition, there is no need to abandon the previously used design tools, nor the traditional 3-dimensional animation software packages. Both in real-time and off-line situations, through a completely integrated hardware/software system, 100 % Windows NT based, it is possible to control two software applications: Capture Studio (a real time application to capture real 3-dimensional motion data of body movements and to edit and post-process the data); Toon Studio (a performance animation application that allows you to edit and animate the body skeleton of 3-dimensional characters in real time or playback with the data obtained using Capture Studio).A complete set of tools aids the user to achieve final results.. A motion capture editor is available for refinements on capture data. Bodytrack also includes software algorithms and post-editing tools for semi-automatic compensation of occlusions in a marker's position. A 3-dimensional -model editor can be used to add or modify kinematics settings on 3-dimensional models. A real time viewer allows the user to visualize moving finished 3-dimensional models.

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