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Integrated services digital network based building blocks for multimedia applications

A family of advanced integrated circuits for integrated services digital network (ISDN) basic-rate applications has been developed. ISDN deployment benefits greatly from higher integration, which lowers system costs. It offers economical access at higher speeds for the growing markets of multimedia Internet, teleworking and small business communications systems. The new integrated circuits reduce overall ISDN cost by offering a higher degree of functional integration. The 'Integrated NT' 'integrated circuits (IC) (MTC-20276 and MTC-20277) integrate both U and S interface functions, essential for the end-user 'Network Terminator' module, in a single chip. Two versions address the two prevailing code standards for the U interface (2B1Q and 4B3T), and are pin-compatible. The use of an embedded microprocessor core in the design allowed both standards to be developed using the same basic hardware platform. By re-using the U interface block, suitably re-programmed, two additional products are offered: the MTC-20278 and MTC-20279 devices integrate four U interfaces into a single device (again, two pin-compatible versions offer both coding standards), designed for use in line-cards at the service provider end. This allows more ISDN lines to be put onto one card, which significantly lowers the installation cost per line. These devices are marketed by Alcatel Microelectronics to the world-wide telecommunications original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry.

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