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A software tool which supports video-assisted observational studies

DRUM is a software tool which has been developed by close co-operation between Human Factors professionals and software engineers to provide a broad range of support for video-assisted observational studies. DRUM directly supports the MUSiC Performance Measurement Method for usability evaluation. Evaluation sessions are recorded on video and subsequently analysed with the help of DRUM. The diagnostic recorder for usability measurement (DRUM) is a software tool which assists the analysis of usability evaluation sessions. DRUM connects with a video recorder and enables the evaluator to build a log of interesting events linked to the time-code recorded on the tape. A logged event can be located simply by clicking on it with the mouse (DRUM) automatically winds the video tape to the exact frame of the recording, making it easy to compile a clips tape for demonstrating usability issues to developers. The number and duration of different categories of logged events can be summarized, and MUSiC Performance Measurement Method metrics can be derived if required. Summary data may be output to plain text files for further processing with a spreadsheet or statistical analysis tool. DRUM has been in use in commercial organisations since 1992 and has been continuously improved in consultation with industrial and research clients. #SECTION 2:

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