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Smart electric water heating systems for France

The DICE project has developed and demonstrated smart control capabilities for electric water heating systems, one of the most commonly used white goods in Europe. An open technology was created which fosters the notion of reusable software and hardware components in embedded systems. Key technology includes smart control capabilities using fuzzy logic components and communicating capabilities based on the European Home Systems (EHS) power-line emerging technology. DICE has focused on several electronic profiles: stand-alone profiles; profiles with EHS communication capability; profiles with hardware fuzzy logic support for smart control support. Two controllers have been developed and tested. The first used in UK is based on four temperature sensors. The second used in France is based on one temperature sensor and one flow meter sensor. They demonstrated: the use of European Home Systems (EHS) communications technologies to provide control of domestic water heating; that the use of electric immersion heaters is optimized with respect to cost reflective messages (CRM) in order to provide Demand Side Management (DSM) services for the utility and minimizes costs for the customer. Development focused on reusable software and hardware components suitable for water heating control: at the application level. A specific control algorithm was developed for the French heater (handling 1 temperature sensor and France-specific CRM messages). Two variants were developed, one using the WARP fuzzy logic technology (rule programming), and one using the 8051 controller: at the EHS communication level; a medium access control (MAC) layer component was developed. A software level for the development of advanced components technology. Its effect is to drastically reduce the central processing unit (CPU constraints for the handling of bit processing in the software library. The EHS library (EHSLib) was adapted to a real-time kernel. The kernel runs on the 8051 micro-controller.

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