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Predictive control of heat exchangers

PREDHEAT is a family of model-based predictive control (MBPC) algorithms intended for robust predictive and adaptive control of various industrial processes. The algorithms are easy to implement, using standard commercially available software or special purpose software environments like PREDICTOR.

The main usage of the algorithms is in the design of advanced controllers for industrial processes. PREDHEAT has enabled a stable prediction of the process output using a properly chosen model of the controlled process and minimization of given cost function with or without constraints. On-line determination of process parameters is a further key element of the MBPC algorithms.

The family of algorithms contains: conventional generalized predictive control (GPC) algorithm, stabilizing constrained receding horizon predictive control (CRHPC) algorithm and continuous-time spline-based predictive control (SBPC) algorithm. The algorithms have been extensively tested in laboratory conditions and currently are implemented in a standard industrial heat exchange station for control of outlet water temperature of heat exchangers. Benefits can be expected in increasing quality of control and cost-effectiveness of the industrial technologies. The controllers can adapt to changes in the process dynamics and the disturbances.

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