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A co-processor for an automobile engine controller

An on-chip reduced instruction set computer (RISC) programmable input/output (I/O) co-processor has been developed which performs digital filter operations in parallel to the main central processing unit (CPU). This is complemented by application software, development environment and an appropriate real-time operation system. The initial applications of the co-processor are in the automotive area but are not restricted to it. Possible uses include: engine management (knock detection, misfire detection), airbag control, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and injector diagnosis. Using an advanced design flow, a system integration has been realized, which included the extraction of the co-processor specification. Based on the real-world problem of knock detection, different new algorithm approaches have been developed and analysed in detail for the definition of the co-processor functionality. The hardware/software partitioning has been evaluated with a rapid-prototyping system. The co-processor was emulated with a FGA-based system in order to extract the communication characteristic between co-processor and main CPU and to estimate the system performance. The developed algorithms and hardware are used for the engine control of a combustion engine from Fiat. The main objective is to off-load the main controller of digital signal processing parts, achieving more efficient engine control.

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