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Global manufacturing towards the 21st Century

Following the vision of globally networked manufacturing, the results of Globeman21 demonstrate how to move the global manufacturing practices from rigid supply chain structures into globally distributed and dynamic networks of agile enterprises. Simultaneously the results illustrate how to support product life cycle management for the benefit of end users.

The work is focused on two main views of global manufacturing, the networking by globally distributed independent companies (Extended Enterprise Management) and the support of the products over their life-cycle (Product Life Cycle Support). Globeman21 illustrates the overall concept in a Common Demonstrator and proves the specific key issues and results with 14 industrial demonstrators. The industrial demonstrators are pilot implementations of the Globeman21 findings, of new and advanced business processes, methods, models and technologies for the emerging global manufacturing environment. The 8 European industrial pilots deploy Globeman21 management tools and architectures for more efficient, high quality production in all domains of global manufacture, applying new technologies and applications in fields such as modelling, simulation, control, artificial intelligence, team leadership and human organization issues. Each industrial pilot illustrates the Globeman21 concept in a specific application area with manufactured products ranging from optical measurement systems to pulp and paper machinery and ships.

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