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A distributed image bank for the clothing, decoration and textiles markets

TISSUS has established a distributed image bank, which is accessed by end users via a web based telematic application. The information stored in this database aims at the clothing, decoration and textiles markets with relevance to their technical descriptions. Collections of images are provided by two servers, one located in France and the other in Italy. End users are able to gain access to a great number of material collections on-line, by viewing them and their summarized descriptions. From the point of view of collection providers (museums, schools, and associations), the TISSUS bank ensures a wider spreading of their patrimony as well as financial resources in the form of royalties received whenever the information is commercialized. This way TISSUS provides a cost-effective way for end users, customers and providers alike to use this service. TISSUS has also developed a notion for copyrighting management through a system interfacing information retrieval related to the stored images. For a secure system for image management, the TISSUS project uses the model specified in the ESPRIT project CITED, which is a secure database service managed in a trusted environment.

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