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CopySmart: a fully operational solution for the construction of trusted intermediation systems

CopySmart is a fully operational solution for the construction of trusted intermediation systems. Using a high level description of the regulation models, the CopySmart is fully dynamic and customizable to tailor fit the requirements of any e-activity. CopySmart directly provides security and authentication services, event tracking and metering, user rights and profiles management and content rights management. CopySmart relies on recognized third party solutions for certification, notarization and payment services. As an open platform which easily interfaces to any additional application or service needed for its operation, CopySmart has proven its worth through testing and customer feedback. As an example, CopySmart met all requirements and 81% of the users found the system easy to use when it was tested at the British Library between July 1997 and January 1998.

CopySmart is made up of the following components:
CopySmart Trusted Administrator (this component manages registration of users and contents and lets the domain administrator specify the security rules to be shared by all the actors interacting in the trusted domain);
CopySmart Trusted server (this component manages remote connections of users, users' authentication, conditional access to the content, secure delivery of the content);
CopySmart Secured Device (this component includes the CopySmart client ,CopySmart-Play, to be installed on each personal computer, PC, interacting with the CopySmart Trusted server and a development kit for preparing content to be protected).

Each CopySmart user must be provided with a GPK2000 smart card and a GCR400 card reader. The CopySmart Trusted server is accessible via a standard Internet browser (Netscape, Ms IE). The CopySmart Trusted server and the CopySmart Trusted. Administrator run on Windows NT4.0 and above.

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