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Multimedia support network for fashion and style is the title of the media at the disposal of the world of fashion, textiles and fittings with particular reference to garment industry professionals.. Modatrend is devoted to supporting and fostering the European multimedia industry in organizing a service environment to improve the competitiveness of the European multimedia industry, enhance the technological level of production, improve the quality of its products and promote multimedia products in and outside Europe. The editorial support has a key role that is missing in the organization of the multimedia industry: the editorial function. This function should link developers (often very small companies) with distribution (big world wide organizations) and connect all the other cost/suppliers (authors, sponsors, content owners, founders, etc). Modatrend's principal aim is to help the establishment of this editorial function. Modatrend will act on a brokerage basis when suppliers and services exist on a consulting basis and when new or better services have to be developed (technological and manufacturing services, training, access to multimedia databases, consulting activities, information desk, etc). The three major services are: Internet-based information service upon subscription, compact disc read only memory CDROM promotion services and tailor-made multimedia services. offers information and services for use by the sector's operators. As it is concerned with contents in continuous development and not with finished products, MULTIFAST puts at the clients' disposal texts, photos, films through subscriptions on three different reserved areas of the site: trend, trade and history. As is an on line magazine, companies can use it to get advertising for their products.

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