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Business process re-engineering with object-oriented methodology

PROMISE is an integrated approach to business process re-engineering (BPR), incorporating an object-oriented methodology for information systems engineering. It fulfils a need for solutions for business performance management to incorporate both BPR and information technology (IT) approaches in a single framework, exploiting the synergy between these two disciplines. This eliminates any gap between the process of designing or re-designing an organizational structure and the means by which this objective is to be implemented. PROMISE is in effect the bridge between those involved in defining the organizational structure and those designing and producing the appropriate system software. Potential users are any organization involved in defining or redefining its structure and implementing this using IT. The PROMISE methodology recognizes the need for a tight coupling between organization requirements and IT functions; the need to integrate existing software systems with new components supporting an evolving organization; the need for better synergy between management consultancy and software development, eliminating redundant actions. Piloted in two applications, one with the Frankfurt local authority, the other with the Rome Comune, PROMISE has already demonstrated significant benefits for its users in successfully designing and implementing re-organizational changes.

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