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New methods for thermal investigation of integrated circuits

The THERMINIC family of methods and tools for the thermal investigation of integrated circuits (IC) is the result of a fusion of experience in thermal evaluations and expertise in IC design resulting from the THERMINIC IC project. They address the need for problems of heat dissipation in ICs to be resolved, especially as new generation chips, particularly in 3-dimensional applications, are encountering severe problems in this area due to their component density. THERMINIC has: developed innovative temperature sensors linked to an industry-wide test standard; designed integrated thermal test circuitry into the other built-in test circuitry of digital ICs; produced a thermal test chip with an array of built-in temperature sensors; and developed an industrial prototype for thermal transient measuring. Its sensors could be included in the catalogues of large-scale IC manufacturers, and have been designed to be easily interfaced with industrial circuits because of their incorporation of a test standard.

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