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Health and quality enhancing components from milk proteins

The project involved the development of milk protein hydrolysates with reduced allergenicity and enhanced content of phospho-bioactive peptides. The health and quality enhancing components from milk proteins were developed and a study was made of the potential of enzymic modification of milk proteins to enhance mineral bioavailability and to reduce antigenicity/allergenicity and produce biologically active peptides.

The application of a specific enzymic activity in conjunction with ultrafiltration to remove whey proteins from caseins represents a significant development for the production of casein hydrolysate-free whey proteins and/or the production whey protein-free casein hydrolysates. The identification of the major potential allergenic sites from studies on human and bovine beta-casein represents a significant advance. Knowledge of these sites allows the potential to develop a targeted, as opposed to an empirical, approach to the production of reduced / hypoallergenic casein hydrolysates for human consumption. A production protocol has been developed to obtain casein hydrolysates having significant reductions in their allergenic potential. Significant advances have also been made in the production and characterization of novel caseinophosphopeptides (CPP) This study would appear for the first time to have performed a detailed characterization on the contribution of gastrointestinal and bacterial proteinases to both the laboratory and pilot-scale development of CPPs. It has now been demonstrated that angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activities are present in a range of dairy products. This expands the potential of exploiting milk proteins as nutraceutical/functional food ingredients. The use of tissue culture techniques to study the effects of specific milk-protein derived peptide sequences on cell proliferation, apoptosis, etc, represents a major advance in the characterization of bioactive peptides.

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