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Wood chemistry applied to the manufacture of paper pulp

The Concerted Action (CA) involved: identification of the issues in wood chemistry which are of strategic importance for the European pulp and paper industry; direction of the research institute's research and developments efforts towards these subjects to establish a wider ranging European network in wood chemistry including research groups in southern Europe (Spain, Portugal) and in eastern European Countries; production of reports on the state of the art on important issues in wood chemistry and specific reports and conference proceedings.

The CA has played a major role in increasing links, not only between the partners, but also between most of the European groups active in wood chemistry. It has enabled organization of workshops and conferences where key issues have been discussed and new analytical tools described, with an active participation of young scientists. Opportunity was offered to scientists from eastern European countries to attend some of these events. Exchange of students and scientists for short periods should have a positive impact on their research work and create essential international contacts. As indicated above a number of state of the art reviews were prepared, in addition to which the partners contributed more than 80 original scientific papers at the various meetings organized or sponsored by the CA. At the final concentration meeting it was decided to continue with the organization of seminars covering the progress made in areas of particular importance in wood chemistry, preferably in conjuction with major international conferences and workshops. A workshop entitled, Chemistry influencing fibre structure and properties, was held February 1997, covering the use of modern methods for analysing the structure of fibres (electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis, ESCA, inverse paper chromatography, mass spectroscopy), the behaviour of fibre components during kraft pulping or bleaching, and the modification of recycled pulp fibres by chemical means.

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