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New paper industry uses of advanced chemically modified starch grades

Starch is the most widely used additive in paper fabrication. Over the last few years the rate of increase in starch use was faster than the growth rate of the paper industry. More recently this situation has changed, and now the rate of increase in starch consumption lags behind the rate of increases in paper production. Most of the starch used at present is use to coat the paper surface as raw starch, to enhance the mechanical properties. For more technical applications, more efficient synthetic polymers are often used in place of starch derivatives. If the performance of starch derivatives can be improved, then new possibilities should appear in the paper industry. The objective of this project is to investigate this possibility. This was done through a series of tasks as follows:
starch as a retention aid (new methods of starch cationization produced retention aids that were effective at a moderate degree of substitution);
starch compounds as an aid to managing pollutants in white water effluents (precipitation of anionic colloids was studied at laboratory scale using various starch derivatives and their efficiency appeared to be correlated with the degree of cationization);
modified starch as dry and wet strength agent (a study of the effect of dry and wet strength agents at the level of the individual fibres using scanning electron microscopy);
modified starch for improving the print quality of coated paper and board (several starch derivatives have been introduced in coating colours for trials at pilot scale giving satisfactory with oxidized amylopectin);
starch based fillers (the effects of three insolubilized starches were investigated but to date the performance has not been very good and further work includes the investigation of starch based pigments and the ability of inorganically-modified starch granules to enhance brightness and opacity as a filler in sheet coating).

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Centre Technique de l'Industrie des Papiers
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38044 Grenoble
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