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SAFIRE: a computer-based framework for analysis and modelling of policy strategies

SAFIRE is a computer-based framework that provides decision-makers with a tool that enables them to examine and assess first-order impacts of different renewable energy technologies and research and technological development (RTD) against a background of different economic instruments and policies. SAFIRE provides assessments at the local, regional, and national levels, through several economic indicators. The contract also covers in-depth analyses of gas issues.

The project work was divided into four parts: an energy RTD analysis on renewable energy; a resource module so that 'retrospective' as well as 'prospective' information could be given, such as the availability of a given set of resources in a given country at one point in time or over a given period; a model to provide a realistic representation of gas network operations in Europe; energy RTD strategy analysis for gas exchanges in Europe by providing and exchanging data and information from existing models with other partners in the overall project. The main output from the project is a computer-based, analytical framework containing a database of energy demand and technology profiles that can be used to carry out cost-benefit analyses for different policy instruments and technologies. The model package includes software available on disc and written in Microsoft Foxpro database language; a Users' Manual which gives procedures for entering data, defining scenarios, running SAFIRE and obtaining output; a Methodology Report which references the technical details of the model, including mathematical algorithms; a Cost-Benefit Coefficient Report which describes the methodology used to obtain the cost-benefit coefficients for SAFIRE. The model is of use to planners, environmentalists, local authorities, energy businesses, architects, developers and engineers who wish to examine the technical potential of new energy technologies, their market potential and penetration, the factors and policies that influence market penetration, and costs and benefits associated with them.

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