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Controlling the quality of building components

The PASSYS sites provide the building industry with testing sites for passive thermal and solar building components. An initiative to improve the dissemination of information about the PASSYS test sites and PASSYS test procedures has been successfully completed. This required the procedures to be tested comparatively, quality policies to be developed, and a formal network of test centres to be established. All these actions lead to improved accuracy and reliability of measurements performed on passive thermal and solar components in buildings. Scientific procedures were updated and differences between the measurements performed at different test centres were identified and the discrepancies removed. The test cells were upgraded during the project and this resulted in increased precision and decreased testing times. The formal network guarantees the continuity of the quality assurance policy in the long term. The quality requirements for joining the European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) have been defined and regular checks will be performed to ensure that the high quality of measurements continues after the project has been completed.

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