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Improvements to commercial stand-alone photovoltaic systems

A state-of-the-art survey of six photovoltaic (PV) plants across three European countries has demonstrated that all systems provide satisfactory electricity generation in regions where grid extensions are prohibitively expensive. The results will be used in the design and implementation of future plants.

The first stage of the project established the basic requirements for 3 kW and 6 kW plants. A selection of PV configurations were then chosen from Germany, Italy and Spain. Using a standardized checklist, technical, legal and cost data were gathered from each plant. This was then analysed to provide a comparative assessment which would, if possible, be used to optimize the existing designs. The project made a large effort to develop a common methodology for the economic evaluation of the various types of PV plant under review. Capital costs for all systems fell into a reasonably tight range; the main price differences being for the inverter, battery charge collector, auxiliary generator and land. The use of standard components and bulk purchases reduced the total system costs for all PV plants. However, operational and maintenance cost data were not available for all PV plants, so further investigation is necessary.

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