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Combining information about renewable energies

As the market for renewable energy increases, technical and financial information about the sector becomes more useful and there is a higher demand for accurate and up-to-date databases. This project developed an easy-to-use database tool containing information about photovoltaics, wind, biomass and passive solar thermal energy.

Experts from each energy sector were brought together to collect and monitor information on a number of renewable energies including photovoltaics, wind, biomass and passive solar thermal energies. The information was organized in a standard way for each type of energy and technical, environmental, legal, land-use, economic and social information was incorporated into a software package. Market data, case studies and information sources and contact details were included. The computer tool was designed to interface with existing databases and generate the information needed by designers and decision makers. The software was tested and evaluated. The main result is the software prototype developed to display information collected. The Renewable Energy Multimedia System (REMS) aims to bridge the gap between the scientific and technical experts and the developers. It allows expertise and experience to be shared so that the technology can be exploited. REMS was built using hypertext markup language (HTML), the language used for most documents available on the World-Wide Web. This software platform was selected so that the information can be placed on the Internet or on compact disc read only memory (CDROM) and any commercially available browsers can view the information. The multimedia information system has links to text, photos, graphs, audio and video information.

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