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Polysilicon emitter technology for silicon solar cells

After 2 Joule contracts devoted to explore the feasibility and performances of polysilicon emitter technology for crystalline Silicon solar cells, the Semiconductor Device Group (GDS) has developed under national funding an innovative technology for solar cell fabrication. The main aspects of this technology are:

1- The use of phosphorous doped amorphous SiC as emitter in conventional crystalline silicon solar cells. Through a short annealing, a very thin diffused emitter is created within the crystalline silicon. As a result very low dark saturation currents are obtained without the passivation layer. In addition the emitter saturation current does not depend anymore of the metal covered front surface.

2- The use of amorphous SiC for the passivating layer of the back surface. By using optimised amorphous layers it is possible to achieve excellent passivating features. Surface recombination velocities under 10 cm/s have been obtained for 3 ohm/cm P type silicon wafers. The use of intrinsic and doped layers together, the
so called HIT concept, is also investigated with promising results.

The work at this moment focus in the integration of the different steps on a single large area high efficiency solar cell.

More recently the group conducts investigations in the use of MEMS technology to build small PV arrays aimed at powering small devices such as autonomous distributed sensors, or devices in harsh environments.

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