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Combining renewable energies in Crete

Schemes have been designed and developed to integrate renewable energy technologies in Fragocastelo, South Crete. These incorporated wind turbines, electricity production from biomass, a micro-hydroelectric power station and several hybrid and passive energy saving technologies. Models to combine these sources with the conventional energy supply were devised to supply water and electricity to the area.

Data collection and processing were needed to look at the land and water use, population and energy demands. Innovative technologies were developed for efficient use of the local resources of energy. Wind turbines were evaluated, strategies were developed for energy planning in the area and a market survey was carried out to choose a suitable biomass system. Concepts were devised for a sophisticated inter-connection of the technologies in order to optimize the power systems and to efficiently manage the produced energy. This was modelled with F-cast which was developed for the computer simulation of the integrated system. Finally, they investigated the possibilities of wide dissemination of such systems to other regions of Crete and the Mediterranean. The project provided methodologies to connect the three main renewable energies, wind, micro-hydro and biomass, together to supply the island population with an improved energy service. Computerized tools were designed to model the energy requirements. An intelligent energy management system was also created to take into account electricity supply and demand and water flow. It can be linked to the grid and can work out transactions for energy costs. Economic evaluation and expected results in the area were presented.

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