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Modelling for the disabled in working environments: a multiperspective approach

In addition to the day-to-day problems that affect people with disabilities, they face further difficulties in finding and keeping employment. The MODEMA project seeks to improve their integration in the workplace by providing them with information on all aspects of employment, in the form of a comprehensive, flexible and accessible database. MODEMA is a computer based browsing system to assist people with disabilities to gain paid employment. The system runs on a standard personal computer (PC) utilizing multimedia technology to provide digitized video and photographic information to enhance its information base.

At the heart of the MODEMA system are four databases: compensatory equipment, legislation, advise and case studies. The equipment database provides detailed information on compensatory equipment for people with disabilities. Digitized photographs of equipment are included in the equipment database, and digitized video clips show compensatory equipment in use. These databases can be browsed in normal database mode, but the strength of the system lies in the fact that it will allow a multi-perspective view of the information, based on the task models of the working environment and disability profiles.

Other significant features of the system are:
an on-line tutorial designed to guide first time users through selected query scenarios;
a log feature which allows comprehensive or selected logging of all viewed information so it can be subsequently edited and printed;
the Case Study Screen, reached by pressing the Case Study button at any point in the interaction where it is available;
the video feature, which is available from the case study screen and allows the manipulation of video clips related to the use of a piece of compensatory equipment or an activity in the selected working environment;
the Advice and Legislation screens.

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