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Consensus creation and awareness in Technology for disabled and elderly people

The project surveyed, analysed and modelled the work of the rehabilitation technology (RT) market in Europe, specified and defined an information system, and took actions to raise the level of awareness and consensus on issues relating to the single market in RT. Its initial results were elaborated by further intensive data collection, including information about other RT markets in other countries. A feasibility study was carried out on the possibilities for organizing structured data collection within the RT market in the longer term. A set of computerized models was designed for selected RT areas. An interactive information service centre was set up and tested with users, and its usefulness was evaluated.

Usable prototypes were developed for market models, an information system shell, an information service, and information about other international markets and data collection. These products provided important insights in current relationships between market actors, awareness of the level of information provision ongoing in the RT market and the user requirements for this information provision. A need for a structured form of information provision was strongly indicated by the analysis of ad-hoc existing information flows between actors in the field. Although all types of information content are present and available in the RT market, a lack of knowledge about the existence and location of the appropriate information sources, spread all over Europe, was identified on actors level. Furthermore, the respondents indicated that they only have access to 'raw data' whereas they need far more precisely targeted information to aid their decision making.

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