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Broadband acoustic scattering signatures of fish and zooplankton

The project involves broadband acoustic scattering signatures of fish and zooplankton. Seven octave-bandwidth transducers have been designed and constructed, spanning the frequency range 25 kHz - 3.2 MHz. Associated electronics to control transmission and reception are being built and tested. In a parallel activity, measurements are being made of animal morphology, mass density, and longitudinal-wave sound speed in the copepod Calanus finmarchicus and in several species of euphausiids, including especially Meganyctiphanes norvegica. In another parallel activity, a finite-element boundary-element model is being applied to swim bladder-bearing fish, namely Pollachius virens and Pollachius pollachius, for which the swim bladder has been mapped in 3 dimensions. The FEBE model is also being applied to the mentioned copepod and euphausiids. Two sea trials of the new system are being scheduled. An attempt will be made to classify scatterers on the basis of their measured spectra as interpreted by the FEBE model given prior knowledge of the properties of representative animals. One of the partners has derived a number of new products from the primary development work carried out at an early stage in this project. Some of these, transducer models TC2116, TC2115, and TC2130, are realizing commercial sales.

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