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Adapting bilingual dictionaries for on-line comprehension assistance

The COMPASS project concerns evaluation, complementation and conversion of common dictionaries to make them suitable for a computer based word and multi-word idiom translator. Bilingual dictionaries have traditionally been dominated by the requirement of people either composing in the foreign language, or translating into or out of it. The emphasis of the project is on the process of adapting existing bilingual dictionaries for foreign language comprehension, and on evaluating the user's response to comprehension tools. Two bilingual dictionaries (English-French and German-English) are implemented as on-line context sensitive comprehension dictionaries. It presupposes that a user has a text on an electronic medium that he wants to read. Clicking on a word will display a context dependent translation and on request, background information (up to the full dictionary entry) in the user's mother tongue. The system will reveal if the word is part of a multi-word idiom and will select the appropriate translation depending on the syntactic context. The project involves the English-French machine readable Oxford-Hachette dictionary, the type-setter tape of the Oxford-Duden dictionary and a prototype called LOCOLEX. This prototype is being improved through performance tuning, adding German-English language pair, adapting it to the specific needs of comprehending a foreign language and implementing a user interface that integrates LOCOLEX in the user's environment.

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