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Document management in health care systems

The DOME system will help physicians in their daily practice by providing tools that enable content-based information retrieval of medical reports and help produce better quality reports. To preserve the current medical habits of the healthcare community (use of free texts), innovative applications of natural language processing (NLP) technology should be introduced into hospital document processing practice to design a multimedia hypertextual patient record. This will enable the computerization of the health care record to be based on textual documents rather than ill-suited, too constraining, traditional databases, while at the same time providing a useful and relevant degree of structuring which facilitates the consultation and exploitation of patient information.

The project follows a staged delivery approach. An 'integration track' integrates available systems to build the core system, installs it in pilot sites and begins pilot experiments. In parallel, an 'innovative track' designs and prototypes NLP-based advanced functionalities. These advanced functionalities will integrate state-of-the-art language analysis techniques and information extraction technology. New versions of the DOME system will be delivered and validated in pilot sites as new or enhanced functionalities become available. In its most powerful instantiation, the DOME system will provide flexible update and access facilities to integrated multimedia patient dossiers: it will provide authoring tools that assist health care professionals in producing and updating these dossiers; it will provide navigation tools to help them find relevant information in different modalities (texts, tables, pictures), and it will provide data extraction tools to assist in the compilation of performance indicators, medical codes, and other structured data from free data input. Dome will be delivered as a set of services, any or all of which can be added to existing patient administration systems, hospital information support systems, or general document management systems.

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