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A framework for computational semantics

The project concerns convergence in computational semantics with the benefit of a substantial saving of duplicate work. It is directed at developers of natural language systems who require semantic processing or reasoning using natural language. The results will contribute substantially in putting future developments, be they of practical or theoretical nature, onto firmer ground while guaranteeing maximal computational usefulness. They will also encourage the development of guidelines and standards for representation and interchange of semantic information. Various formal semantic approaches were presented in a format that facilitates comparison and they were evaluated with respect to various computational themes including underspecification and the rooting of examples in real data from corpora. An examination is being made of the possibility of developing a computational semantic framework from three perspectives: the development of a general logical approach, the development of a coherent conceptual framework independent of particular theoretical approaches and the development of executable semantic tools that are independent of individual approaches.

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University of Gothenburg
Renstroemsgatan 6
41298 Gothenburg