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Software globalisation

There is a need to design and convert complete software systems to work in and process other natural languages. The supply of good quality localized products and services will benefit the European Union (EU) by facilitating the inter-working of the EU as a whole using local languages, increasing the market for information technology (IT) products and services through more and better localization, and providing localized versions to areas where a relatively small market size tends to inhibit localization thus marginalizing countries and languages. The project concerned the production of guidelines, methods and tool prototypes for the internationalization and localization of new and existing software applications and to promote the adoption of its results by the target user groups. The project has produced the following: guidelines for linguistics for software interlinguality; guidelines for software structure for software interlinguality; software Design for Globalisation-A Practitioner's Guide; message Expert Editor Prototype System; the Electronic Book and Awareness Packages.

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