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Interactive language acquisition through multimedia stimulated conversation and pronunciation

A study is being made of the needs of, and market opportunities for, new products in basic training such as provided by universities, schools and colleges, in continuous and vocational training in companies and language and training centres, and of personally motivated training. The prime user bases of the current project are language teaching and training centres. The project is committed to exploring the most difficult dimension in computer-based language learning, namely large-vocabulary-based speech recognition, to support and enhance speaking, listening and feedback functions of CALL systems. The preparatory phase has allowed the project to stimulate the partners' interest in the use of voice recognition for foreign language learning and to create strong synergies within the Industrial User Interest Group. A preliminary prototype has been developed to help users in assessing the potential of speech recognition and video technologies. It includes three major components: AURA-LANG, an existing CALL package; components using DRAGON VoiceTools; and a video component. This experience, along with the results of the market and user requirements study, are currently fed into the preparation of the specifications for the full demonstrator.

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