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INDOCREN: intelligent document creation environment

INDOCREN will provide linguistic add-ons, which will make authoring easier by allowing for reuse of information, linguistic control and terminology management, translation facilities, etc. The solutions assure improved cost effectiveness and quality in the product lifecycle and the documentation process through an analysis methodology of documentation process re-engineering. INDOCREN could be plugged into existing standard generalized markup language (SGML) document management systems. The modularity and the interoperability of the INDOCREN tools will be guaranteed by compliance with existing standards, such as DMA and OpenDoc. Linguistic re-usable resources are already available. There are four principles underlying the INDOCREN pilot applications. First, they are based on operational and existing linguistic resources. Second, a prototype will be developed to meet precise user needs. Third, the integration in the user documentation environment will be done in compliance with actual standards. Lastly, the so designed tools will be validated at our industrial partner sites. The main technical results are: analysis methods for documentation process re-engineering; document modelling, to make it possible to control the document's consistency, reuse data efficiently, and link information in the document with data in the information system; a first set of functionalities have been specified, addressing the reuse of information, terminology extraction and consistency, controlled language conformity and translation; envisaged functions include intelligent access to information, routing of the information and generation of text.

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