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LOTOS: learner oriented language tutoring shell

LOTOS provides language learning packages authored by commercial and industrial users quickly and cost effectively to address varied needs. The integrated approach of LOTOS is an effective answer to the plethora of undifferentiated language learning packages being made available on the multimedia market. LOTOS offers the enormous potential to exploit features of emerging technology in the context of a variety of language learning needs. LOTOS will demonstrate to the market that the emerging multimedia/telematic technologies enable us to integrate the complementary dimensions of language learning, tutoring and authoring in a unitary approach, with significant advantages for all. With regard to the LOTOS development platform, a dynamic strategy is adopted. Basic LOTOS components ('LOTOS light') can be run on a personal computer (PC)486. For more advanced facilities (integration of video, on-line communication) a higher specification is needed. More importantly, through Windows'95 there is now a possibility of LOTOS being developed on a cross-platform framework. Application scenarios range from basic business communication to Language for Special Purposes in large industrial corporations and large-scale training institutions. The project work brought clarification of the user perspective and noted the learning cultures in various countries. The User Study brought into sharp focus real user needs and an unprecedented commitment to LOTOS. The Technology Study noted the absence of integrated approaches in any existing language learning packages and identified strands to be incorporated into LOTOS. Demonstration components have been developed at a sophisticated level. They show such aspects of the LOTOS system as methods of authoring, of producing multimedia language learning templates, and a solution for computer-based error diagnosis and correction.

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